The Finals

The Playoff A Finals will take place at Lloret Stadium. After one week of hard competition it´s time for the finals. The Finals are broadcast through IberCup TV together with the tournament magazine. In front of 4.000 people 10 teams will become champions of IberCup Barcelona.


Playof B in all categories and Playoff A Finals Boys for 7v7 and Girls in all categories will be played on Friday at TOP TEN SPORTS SPORTS. The Playoff A for Cat E, Cat F, Cat G and Cat H finals will be played on Saturday. The Lunch on Saturday, for ALL teams with the accommodation package included is between 11:30h - 14:00h.


Closing Ceremony

In the closing ceremony all participants will receive a prize. Closing ceremony starts after the last final ends on Saturday. Everyone needs to arrive a little bit earlier around 11:00h at Lloret Stadium. You can join us all morning from 8:30h and watch the exciting games and celebrate the winners with all of us.


Schedule Finals A

Schedule Finals B