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Today, IberCup opened the official registrations for 2022 tournaments and following the interest that has been enormous in the past few weeks, we got registrations from 23 different countries already.

In 2022 we will organize 10 tournaments that will be held in Spain with IberCup Madrid (New), IberCup Andalucia World Sports Festival (New) and IberCup Barcelona, in Portugal with IberCup CascaisIberCup Estoril and IberCup Elite Girls Estoril, and in Brazil with IberCup Rio de Janeiro and IberCup São Paulo.

After two year without the IberCup, now we can finally see the light in the tunnel since the governments in Spain, Portugal and Brazil announced these past few months that the restrictions for youth sport events are no longer in place and the flight connections for more than 80% of the countries in the world are running smoothly.

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IberCup prepares for the new season of 2020 and as always, with many new features. By the way, we interviewed some coaches from around the world to tell you a little about their personal history, their club and their relationship with the IberCup Tournaments.

Our first interviewed was Rui Ferreira, ex-professional player of Vitória de Guimarães, and today with his 46 years, coach of AC Marfoot.

IBC: How many years have you been a coach? What about this team?

RF: I have been a coach for 10 years since I ended my professional playing career. This team I train about 2 years, because I am the mentor of my gym and always have some team with problems to solve I step coach that same team. From a problem-solving perspective, hence my justification for a short time near my teams.

IBC: Why did you choose to be a soccer coach? Why youth football?

RF: Being a coach is a consequence of my previous professional activity. The passion for the game is always present the experience and the pressure was always something that stuck me to this game. Youth soccer and my stay so far is due to the fact that I have built this academy to be able to develop in the best way possible is necessary to be present.

IBC: What is your biggest dream as a coach?

RF: Being a national champion for Vitoria SC.

IBC: Which is harder for you: educating the players or the parents?

RF: No doubt the parents.

IBC: How important is it for you to reconcile studies with training? Does your club help athletes in this way?

RF: We are always attentive to the school and give priority to having enough time to develop their skills to get better tests. However, I think that football and the number of training sessions we have per week (3) do not interfere with school activity.

IBC: Which professional athlete would you like to introduce to your players? What is the reason?

RF: Cristiano Ronaldo, for the great example that is for the younger ones.

IBC: What do you think about the competitive staff at the youngest levels in Portugal? What would change?

RF: In an answer I just cannot express all my opinions, in any case I can say that to have the best coaches in the training there needs to be support so that clubs and academies can pay them according to their skills. It will always be necessary to compromise these coaches that their job is to empower, value, evolve the young and not focus on the results is to become a major problem, at the level of the largest parents.

IBC: How did you find out about IberCup and how many editions did you participate in?

RF: Through an IberCup agent. We participated only once.

IBC: What did you enjoy most during the tournament and what do you think we can improve?

RF: I liked the atmosphere the young people lived and the different cultures mixed so that they could live a different experience outside their Habitat.

IBC: Do you consider it a useful experience for young athletes to travel abroad and play against teams from around the world?

RF: Undoubtedly, developing confidence levels and feeling that you can be as good or better than foreigners is extraordinary.

IBC: What would you say to a coach who wants to come to IberCup?

RF: So as not to miss the opportunity to live this moment that surely brings your players unique experiences that will never fade from your memory.Combining the fact that you can count on the future with a more autonomous, committed and more responsible team.


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This Tuesday (9), the matches started in Barcelona Summer Tournament. To follow your team, check us on social media, @ibercup, or consult all the matches in real time.

In order not to lose any moment of our young players during tournaments, IberCup provides the most important information on the website.

Acess the link: and follow all results and player stats, scoring and the real time of all matches


Barcelona will be during 5 days the place where you can compete with teams from the 4 Continents.

From the nineth to the thirteenth of July, Barcelona will be the best place in the World to play football.
During these days around 10 modern football fields will be used in all Barcelona. 
A place where you can experience a true Summer Tournament.



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